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The - Com website is a free World-Wide Directory - Portal Service for healthcare professionals and consumers. Our main focus is to assist in the task of locating medical and healthcare information, products, resources, services and practitioners on the World-Wide-Web. We also provide a series of forums for healthcare discussions, a free classifieds ads area and the largest listing of Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals on the Internet.

Tightly Targeted; Highly Qualified: At the heart of Healthlinks is our searchable directory of over 548,000 unique web sites. Each listing has been individually screened and determined to be of direct interest to visitors of Healthlinks. Healthlinks content grows on a daily basis and every link is unique eliminating duplications found at many other search sites. This is where both professionals and consumers in a hurry come to save time, and that means a much higher percentage of targeted healthcare visitors will see your ad. Statistics: Healthlinks receives over 2,500,000  hits per month with 2016 YTD totals exceeding 20,000,000 page views. 

Attractive Rates: Healthlinks is growing rapidly and we offer some of the lowest advertising rates on the Internet. By contracting for ad space now, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Select from a variety of options including text ads, banners, directory position, logo placement and keywords.

Banner Placement

Impressions Cost Per 1,000 (CPM) Total Price
5,000 $30.00 $150.00
10,000 $25.00 $250.00
25,000 $20.00 $500.00
50,000 $15.00 $750.00
100,000 $12.00 $1,200.00
500,000 $10.00 $5,000.00

* Impressions (CPM) are the number of times your ad is shown 
* (CTR) Click Thru Rate is the number of click-throughs (Usually 1/2% to 4% of Impressions)

Please contact Healthlinks sales below  to purchase banner positions.

All banners located on the top or bottom of a page are subject to rotation however we limit the number of rotations to a total of four or fewer per page.

Logo Placement: To make your link standout a corporate or business logo may be placed next to your listing and located at the top of the category alphabetically. Costs for static logos are US $45.00 for one year. For animated logos US $85.00 for one year. To purchase a logo position please visit our logos or Options page.

Priority Placement: A priority placement is a sponsored link and is positioned at the head of the category alphabetically Priority placements are limited to 10 per category. Cost for priority placement start at $125/year. To purchase a priority placement, please visit our options page.

Keywords: While visitors to like to browse our categories and subcategories, most end up using our search box to locate specific information. Because we do not allow key words with free submissions, the purchase of a keyword package will allow you to gain a substantial advantage over listings not having keywords. Our search function prioritize listings by keyword, title and description therefore listings with keywords are returned ahead of those without them. Keywords may be purchased in blocks (10 or 35 per listing). Please visit our options page for rates.

Feature Site Placement: Want your site to be a "Featured Site"? A Category based featured site stands-out in that it occupies a prominent position at the beginning of the page for the category it resides in. Only one features site placement is allowed per category. Please contact for additional information.

Text Link Placement: Limited space is available for the placement of text links (24 characters or less) on both the Healthlinks homepage as well as directory pages.  Please contact for additional information.

Logo and Banner Specifications

Purchasing Advertising: To purchase ads on the web site, please visit our options page for on-line purchase or contact: Sales

Payment can be accepted via PayPal or by check for US funds, made out to Healthlinks.Net Ltd. Payment must be received before an ad appears on line.

For Banner or Logo placement, please send your graphic as an email attachment to  

Healthlinks reserves the right to refuse any advertising that it feels is inappropriate for our audience of healthcare consumers and professionals.

Inquire about the special advertising package which includes banner space, a featured site placement, logos and a search box on your site. For additional information contact the Sales Department

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